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Summer Skin do you need to re-adjust your routine?

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Summer Skin do you need to re-adjust your routine?

Summer Skin do you need to re-adjust your routine?

Hellllllllllllooooooo Summer!

Did you promise yourself a grand beach bod by the time 1st Dec came around? I did…….. Let’s just say coffee and some yummy lunches won. No beach bod here….

But what I have done is made some readjusting to my skincare because we all know as season change so does our skin needs.

Summer can be a little tricky for the skin and hard for you to understand what’s going on. You see, while in winter your skin is dry and flaky it clearly needs moisture. But in summer you are sweating and your skin still feels dry and rough why?

Or its very obvious what is happening, the pigmentation is starting to appear again.

So here are my must-dos for creating that fresh dewy even tone skin during the summer season.


Your body temp is up and water moves through your body so much faster than winter. So increase your water intake because you are going to sweat half of it out anyway! Fun fact did you know our skin cell is only 13% water?


Ok, yes it’s little cheesy but it is so true!! If pigmentation is a concern for you avoid any chance your melanocytes (what makes you brown or in some cases just brown in spots) from producing more melanin (pigment).  The more protection from the sun you can get the less likely you are going to produce pigment spots. It’s a pretty big well derr… but its so easy to think of I am just going to hang out a load of washing I don’t need to apply my sunblock today. Oh, I only drive to and from work I don’t get any sun. its DOESN’T MATTER if its 3 mins or 40 mins, the sun is SUN! It will still cause your cells to create more pigment.  The fun fact your eyes are receptors and when UV rays are absorbed via the retina a signal is sent to create more pigment. Find a pair of good sunnies & rock em!


Your skin routine still needs a good fatty oil. Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) think omega 3 or 6. They make up our skin’s barrier (amongst many other things). The sun is lethal and the first thing it does to our skin is destroyed our natural good oil. The results in our skin barrier becoming ruined.

Let me explain our skin’s barrier:

Imagine salad dressing – The oil that sits on the top and the water component is underneath.

Our skin is exactly the SAME. We have this good fat healthy oil (omega 3) barrier that helps protect our skin but most importantly it keeps the water in underneath.

If the sun depletes your natural oil – what do you think is going to happen to the water? It just evaporates. Leaving your skin very weak and dehydrated leading to premature ageing. And just like that, a light bulb moment happens, it’s all starting to coming together and making sense now!!


These are also essential and need to be an everyday part of your routine. Skin technology is moving along in leaps and bounds it’s a great time to be alive to see how precisely detailed scientists can be with what our skin actually needs. But without fail the above 3 vitamins have been proved to:

1. Not only age proof the skin

2. Help reduce and block pigmentation

3. Protect and strengthen the skin against the sun (think strong skin barrier)!

If you have pigmentation or feeling aged are your skin concerns, you simply MUST have this in your routine. Without these even tone, skin can be almost impossible to achieve (especially living Queensland).

These are my top skincare tips for ensuring you have beautiful dewy skin this summer season – the main thing I want you to get out of this is to love your skin, protect it with sunblock, nourish with a good oil and water. Finally, strengthen your skin to handle whatever season it is. You only have one life and one body. Love your skin and it will love you back. It’s that simple.

If you have any questions or want to know more about how to best care your skin during summer, leave a comment below xx.

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