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Holiday Escape…… why as a mumma you need one!

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Holiday Escape…… why as a mumma you need one!

Holiday Escape…… why as a mumma you need one!

I don’t know about you but I think I am just about done with my kids these holidays! It is NEVER ending,  I’m bored…. there is nothing to do….. mum, mum, MUUUMMMM.

It’s enough to send anyone crazy – how are we suppose to survive 6-7 weeks of this?!

I feel tired and stressed out. And that is just when we are home.

My family have snuck off camping a few times and while its fun and semi-relaxing in between trying to make sure every child has sun protection, hydrated and fed, my skin always comes home a little worse for wear.

Every time I come home from one of our camping adventures I always have this treatment it makes my skin feel all amazing again. And it’s soooooo nice to have so ME time.

So what is in the Holiday Escape?

Well, it starts with an enzyme treatment (enzyme blog here) which is amazing at shifting all those dead skin cells. You know that feeling of dryness and like your skin is super clogged with all that sunscreen? Yeh, it removes all that – fresh new skin Ahhh…

NEXT is the hydrating mask – which is just AHMAZING for your skin, all that sun exposure really REALLY  dehydrates your skin so this just adds that hydration back into your skin – which is plumping those cells making them happy and fat again. (fewer lines)

AND the BEST part is the foot massage while the mask is doing it thing.. just divine especially if you have been on your feet chasing kids all holidays. Who doesn’t love a foot massage!

As mums we do EVERYTHING for EVERYONE in our household.

ITS OK to allow yourself some time out to recharge your batteries again and allow yourself and skin some love. After all, if you feel great, it will beam through and everyone around you will feel great.


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