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Goddess Beauty in 2018

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Goddess Beauty in 2018

Goddess Beauty in 2018

With the launch of our new revamped GODDESS MEMBERSHIPS, I have been doing some research for what  “beauty rituals” wherein the ages. One thing I know for sure is that women FOREVER have been VEIN. =)

It is in our DNA, we are made like this. And it’s not that I think it’s about being vein more about wanting to feel good and naturally, if you look good, you feel good.

I think Goddess Beauty or RITUALS – is something that makes you feel confident – important – amazing.  It makes you love yourself, which in this era can be difficult.

So if coming into a salon or spa once a month to let someone else look after you and be waited on. I say DO IT!

One of the biggest things I notice is in this industry for as long as I have, we just don’t love ourselves the way we love our friends and that needs to CHANGE stat!!

Its time we start to see ourselves as the GODDESS we are and allow ourselves to be treated like one. And to settle for nothing less.


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