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Pigmentation – Hate it?

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Pigmentation – Hate it?

Pigmentation – Hate it?

Summer is over (waaaah) and its now we start to see a lot of pigmentation problems coming through our doors.

Obviously, the sun makes our pigmentation darker. But understanding what type of pigment you have determines how easily it can be treated and what time frame.

There are 3 main reasons pigment occurs:

The Sun – When you tan it’s your skins way of giving you natural sun protection. But there is only so much sun your skin can take before it starts to break down that tanning process. And the cell (melanincyte) that tans you start to malfunction and creates blocks of pigment. Resulting in those pigment spots.

Hormones – This is the number 1 reason we are having pigment issues coming into the salon at the moment. And although its not just the pill. The PILL has a lot to answer to. When females take the pill our body creates Oestrogen and this hormone sends a message to our melanincyte to make more pigment and for as long as you are taking the PILL the MESSAGING NEVER STOPS.

Some woman also gets pigment over their face during pregnancy due to the influx of hormones but normally once bubs have arrived the pigment goes away.

Trama –  heat or pressure to the skin will cause the melanincyte to malfunction under pressure and release more pigment in the trama site. This is more common in the skins that have a higher tan ability.

There are so many things to consider when trying to remove pigment but there are a few things that are standard for all 3 main concerns.

A NON Negotiable! SUNBLOCK and a PHYSICAL sunblock. I know it sounds pretty simple but its a MUST. Not a

“Oh I put it on when I am going out in the sun, or I wear makeup to work with a 15+.”

It’s not enough. UVA (aging ray) is what starts the malfunction of the melanincyte. It needs a physical blocker like Zine or Titanium Dioxide and it needs to worn EVERY SINGLE DAY. Without it, your pigment will make a return.

A Cosmedical grade skincare range. To effectively treat pigment you need ingredients that will get to the area effected.  A cosmedical range works with the skins natural defence barrier to allow ingredients to penetrate further than the superficial epidermis.

Time and Commitment – Nothing changes overnight and there is no magical cure for pigmentation. It is treatable and you can lighten or reverse the damage. It just takes time and consistent use of the right ingredients to make the change. Being patient plus persistent and it will happen.

The pigment is starting to become our most requested concern at the moment. With the influx of woman taking a pill and living Queensland it’s easy to understand why. If you don’t like your pigment and want to do something about it. Start with sunblock wait till the colder months and come into the salon to find out WHY you have your pigment to make treatment so much more effective.

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