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O! Why we LOVE O!

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O! Why we LOVE O!

O! Why we LOVE O!

I’m not sure if I have ever told you the story about how we originally become a stockist of O Cosmedics.

For the most part of my business, I was a nail tech. I had always loved doing facials and making people feel good – but nails where in demand and so for the next 8 – 10 years it took me down that trail.

One day a loyal client come in and for some reason her skin was breaking out like crazy – big cystic acne very red and angry and we had no idea why.

I tried to do a few facials on her skin – but my range at the time was just no match….. little did I know.

Not being able to help her was really something that was frustrating me. This client was putting all her trust in me and I just couldn’t get it. WHY?

The next 6 months were spent trying different product ranges investigating skin and learning all over again. What I discovered was amazing! It was totally mind-blowing actually and it took my business into a totally new and exciting direction.


Not all skincare is created equal!!


It REALLY does matter what goes into a product.


I learnt what it meant to be “ACTIVE”

Over the 6 months my skin went through some pretty dark lows, rashes, irritations and reactions to what I assumed would be quality skincare. Then it was O Cosmedics turn. Within 2 weeks I had skin THAT I NEVER THOUGHT WAS POSSIBLE. I feel instantly love.

The company philosophy matched everything that I was learning to be true about the skin. It was active without being aggressive it created change without creating peeling and tenderness.

My client that sent me on this original quest is still a beautiful gorgeous client who regularly has her facials.

YES, we totally have her skin under control and the change in her was almost immediate.

My client still gets the cystic breakouts but we manage them more effectively and the scarring has all but gone.

NOW this beautiful client she is sending me on a journey of how the skin and gut health are linked. Stay tuned for our next greatest discovery.

And the last thing I want to say is thanking you to all our clients who put their trust in us when it comes to their skin health. The transformations we see emotionally and physically are huge and its why we do what we do.

Never stop learning and always do what you love.

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