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Why Mums need time out too!

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Why Mums need time out too!

Why Mums need time out too!

Since Mothers Day is coming up in 2 weeks, it got me thinking about mums and their skin – what would mums want?

Haha well, that’s obviously a sleep in and morning coffee on her own.

But what does a mum’s skin NEED?

Here is what I have learned from being in the spa – mums always put themselves last! The last to spend money on them – the last to eat (and it’s normally cold by the time we do) – the last to sleep! But the first awake!

How does this affect us as a woman as a person and as a mum?

Well from experience it totally and utterly wears us OUT! (so if you are snappy at your kids or partner every now and then it’s totally justified)

And if mums are worn out – guess what so is your skin!

It accelerates that aging process so much faster, stress and exhaustion allow free radicals that would normally not be able to enter the skins barrier defense to attack our antioxidants that support and strengthen our skin, this will appear in the skin by simply looking dull and tired. You could be red and blotchy or congested.

Basically what is happening is everything is too tired to work properly and letting things slip.

Allowing yourself to have some YOU time allows your body to completely regenerate itself – including your skin. There is a reason it is called beauty sleep.

Coming in for a facial or massage is not selfish it is NEEDED.

When you relax your body lets out serotonin a feel-good chemical. That chemical is responsible for your well being, mental state and your level of responsiveness to how you respond to situations. I know personally that when I have had some me time, I am generally a happier person and I am MUCH nicer to be around.

WHY a facial or massage as your time?

It doesn’t have to be a facial or a massage, finding something that makes you feel good and relaxed is so important whether that be fishing, reading a good book at the beach or shopping (another personal favourite).

I recommend a facial or massage because I mean come on have you ever had one? That’s why I recommend it but not only does it release those happy chemicals, but it is literally good for the skin and body. All the products are designed to work in sync with your skin – so if you are lacking hydration the ingredients will help restore hydration levels. The end results your skin will be glowing and in a much happier state. So you will look exactly how you feel – relaxed and happy.

Don’t feel guilty for wanting to take time for yourself it’s so important to allow yourself to be nurtured again. xx

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