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Why Winter is the BEST time to start IPL

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Why Winter is the BEST time to start IPL

Why Winter is the BEST time to start IPL

Am I a cold frog or is everybody really starting to feel the cold? It’s like it just went snap one day and BOOM Winter nights are here! Although I am not a HUGE fan of winter, it does have it few benefits, now is the time to start any kind of skin programs (especially pigmentation) and of course IPL Hair Removal.

IPL is Intense Pulse Light and it is attracted to melanin (pigment) now the machine cannot differentiate between melanin in the hair and melanin in the skin it is all the same according to the light.

When I am treating clients I always start my little IPL spill with …… the darker the hair the lighter the skin the quicker better results you are going to get as the light is only going to go into the hair rather than disperse through the skin.

When the hair and skin start to become the same colour or the gap of colour becomes smaller thats when we reduce the energy in the machine and the treatments can take a few more sessions. It’s not impossible BUT we do have to tread a little carefully to ensure the machine only goes to the hair rather than the skin and cause burning. (This is why a consultation before ANY treatment is Crucial)

So have you worked out why winter is the best time to begin your treatments? Its because you are not actively tanning in winter you are likely to be more covered up and your summer tan starts to fade. At the beginning of IPL sessions, you get amazing results to think 25% of your hair GONE each time! By the end of treatments the goal is to pick up the stragglers that have not died off yet. So to be able to produce great results for you, the lighter your skin can naturally be the better its going to be for you.

I have been doing IPL now for 14 years (OMGAWD did you see that 14 years!! When did I get so old I still feel 19 haha)

It honestly is the BEST way to remove your hair and stop worrying about chin, lip or nasty ingrowns. The confidence I have seen grown from a woman who has successfully reduce their hair is WHY I love this job so much and so grateful that I can be a part of this journey for them and you. If hair is a problem for you – Do something about it! You will NEVER regret it. xx

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