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IPL Vs Laser

IPL Vs Laser

In a new era of hair removal, this is fast becoming the age old question, which one is better IPL or Laser?

the answer is…… there is no real answer! Sorry just depends on you and your hair. What may work for you may not work for the next person.

LASER: is monochromatic which means its one beam of light,  it travels until it reaches it endpoint destination. (being the hair follicle)  High intensity and use a single beam to the surface area is smaller. It can be extremely effective and relatively few sessions are required on average about 8 – 10.

IPL: Intense Pulse Light uses a broadband, scattered light. Basically, that means it can only go so far and then will just disperse.  It has a wider surface area so more hairs are treated at the one time.

The end goal for any hair removal to is to heat the germ cell up to 75 degrees so hair doesn’t grow again.  Whether that be through a laser with a single beam and direct hit, or with IPL and scattered light the aim is to heat and destroy!

Now with the advance of technology, there is also SHR (Super Hair Removal) and this technology is a gradual heat up of the germ cell.  Repeated passes over the area at a lesser heat, that will heat the germ cell without causing damage to the surrounding tissue (skin and blood). This is proving to be EXTREMELY successful with even less time or pain involved.

The laser is more effective than IPL or SHR it also requires fewer treatments. However, it also has the highest pain involved the longest treatment time with the shortest scope of hair and skin type able to have the treatment. Think dark hair light skin, anything outside of this and it starts to become a little too risky involved with a surface burn.

IPL & SHR do require a few more treatments think 10 -14 but the treatment time is very quick thinking 20 mins for a full leg and Brazilian. Pain is minimal, it is less than getting waxed and the scope of treatment is quite vast. AS long as the hair is DARKER than the skin a treatment can be performed.

Being that IPL is cheaper to perform it works out the same value if you go IPL or Laser. It’s up to you, your skin type and comfort level as to which one you want to go with.

What I do know that if you have been unsure about what to do, I would just do one (obviously IPL as we perform it) but time and time again I hear wish I started this years ago.

Come to a join a revolution of no hair – you won’t regret it!! If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or message the page. xx

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