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Sereniteen- skin treatments just for Teens

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Sereniteen- skin treatments just for Teens

Sereniteen- skin treatments just for Teens

With the winter holidays well and truly here – I had all little giggle to myself on Monday so many happy kids wondering around the center followed by sad looking parent faces.

We always have an influx of teenagers during the holidays –  I especially love it when we get the first timers – whether its an eyebrow wax, leg wax or facial. I love showing teens the world of self care. I remember the first time I ever had anything done it such a scary moment for me and I like to to think that we get to make a great first impression of what this world is about.

Since the release of our Sereniteen series – a series of facials designed for teenagers with the parents back pocket in mind, facials designed to give active ingredients and results with none of the fluff and puff. We now have a large number of teens coming in for acne related issues.

Acne can come in  many forms, It first understanding WHY you are getting the acne and then WHAT is the best why to treat it. Sometimes acne is out of our scope and will need to be seen by a dermatologist but the MAJORITY of the time. Its actually what the teens is using on their skin that is causing more problems than solving it, and with parents society in general becoming more conscious of what we are putting into our bodies or on our skin we are finding people want a alternative to just going to the doctors to get antibiotics. With a little time and can dedication we often don’t need harmful chemicals or drugs to help get rid of acne.

So we have designed 3 different kinds of treatments to help combat teen acne.

LED Light Therapy – Hands down my ALL TIME FAVOURITE treatment. This treatment works by using different coloured light to “recharge” skin cells so they behave in a better manor. (Imagine if we could just plug our teens into a charger so they behaved better! hah) The most common colour for teenagers is blue light it works as a antibacterial and oxygenating effect on the skin. Acne is bacteria and doesn’t like light or oxygen. For best results, we recommend 2 x weekly visits for 3 weeks and than maintenance at every month there after.

Best for under surface congestion, cystic acne, and whiteheads.

Microdermabrasion is best for teen boys who skin has really amped up , with the increase of skin production comes the blackheads and oily thick greasy skin. Micro is a use of a machine with a rough diamond surface that breaks up the blackheads and then vacuum suction out. Its not the best for anyone who is showing signs of redness or cystic acne, but you combine it with LED to really enhance results,

Pro Dermal – This is a enzyme (fruit acid) it breaks down the skin on a cellular level and help dissolve the congestion and blackheads. Its also help with cystic acne and inflammation that comes with it. You can combine this with both micro or LED but of course I think LED is best.

Teens don’t need a lot of home care but they do need to make sure they are using the right key ingredients for their skin. A cleanser that leaves their skin feeling tight is only stripping good oils that are actually needed to maintain a healthy skin. A moisturizing that will help add essential vitamins and a sunblock like zinc which will act as an anti-inflammatory at the same time.

Like I said earlier it’s important to understand WHY they are getting acne and then work out what is the best way to treat.

We offer skin consultations that are $55 and come with a take-home product. If Acne is really starting to bother your teen, let’s have a chat and see how we can help reduce acne and bring back confidence.

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