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Why Homecare sometimes is NOT enough

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Why Homecare sometimes is NOT enough

Recently I had gotten a-little slack with my in-salon treatments. You know how it is, mumlife, working socialising it all gets so busy and fast. Before I knew it, it had been a few months since doing anything in the salon for myself. And although I was quite content with my skin I forgot what its ACTUALLY like when your skin has a professional treatment.

Here is what I realised after my treatment:

1. My skin LITERALLY GLOWED for days. And I mean I was happy with how my skin was but I forgot that after facial glow that you get.

2. My creams and serums just absorbed straight into my skin. In the weeks before my facial, I noticed that my skin was starting to feel a little rough or dry in some parts and even when I applied creams it never really went away. That is cause my skin had built up a bit of dead skin so no matter how much moist or serum I was applying it wasn’t really going anywhere because the dead redundant skin was trying to absorb it all.

3. It felt good to RELAX! To let someone else look after me was not only awesome but it gave me a chance to switch off. (and if you know me, you know that’s almost impossible for me to do) so not only did my skin glow I walked out feeling like I was on cloud 9 and just downright amazing.

I honestly can not believe I let myself forget how good it feels to have a facial not just on the outside but inside too. Allowing sometime out for yourself is not selfish it NEEDED!

So if you have maybe let your in salon treatments lapse and time run away from you, stop and take a second to book your facial now. Because I promise you. It’s totally everything I have described and more. Your skin will love you and so will your mental health!

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