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Karma got me Good!

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Karma got me Good!

I have just spent the last 7 days on a cruise with family and friends and had the absolute best time! However, karma got me good at the end of the cruise and taught me a few valuable lessons.

  • Stop harassing people about getting burnt!!  being the industry I am in and the love I have for all things skin, watching people get burnt breaks my heart, I know how quickly it breaks down the skin’s defense and how fast sunburnt can age and dry out skin.

I spent the whole cruise with hats on, covered t-shirts and sat in the shade – I literally applied sunscreen to my children every time they walked past me! Credit to me they didn’t get burnt not once while on the cruise! woo parent win haha

On the absolute last day of the cruise, I don’t know what happened – I got to relaxed and maybe a little lazy. The sun wasn’t really out, a super cloudy day (and yes I know sun rays are still super strong on cloudy days) I had a few mojitos and before I know it, 3hours had past sitting by the pool – no hat NO SUNSCREEN.

The hours that followed where interesting to say the least.

The heat I experience from my chest, shoulders, legs, and feet were a kind of burn that I have not felt for many MANY years.

By the end of the cruise my fake tan had completely faded and now I was a lovely shade of white and bright red.

As I walked past people I could feel the – imagine if they knew what I did for a living!

I applied my mineral pro to my face and neck and somehow – still don’t know I did this I completely missed a line straight down the middle of my forehead! I walked around the cruise ship with a solid line on red on my forehead.

At one point my husband said in an evaluator full of people – can we take a moment to admire how my wife can manage to burn just a line on her forehead.

You can see where I applied mineral pro to my neck and slight chest – just not all the way down! What an idiot!  Proof once again mineral pro in amazing at sun protection. 3hrs out in the sun and no burn where I ACTUALLY APPLIED IT.

I spent the last night with wet towels and a lot of aloe vera to try and reduce the heat and damage I created. But what a way to be reminded that everyone is different and to not judge why people get burnt, Having to walk around with a massive red line down my face was enough.

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