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Antioxidants & Vitamin C – Why you need them

Antioxidants & Vitamin C – Why you need them

Is it a hype word or its it ACTUALLY a thing?

Antioxidants get thrown around all the time by beauty and skin care companies – but what even are they?

Antioxidants is a term for a group of ingredients that add strength and protection for the skin, think of it like the nightclub bouncers of skin life – they are there to keep the troublemakers out – free radicals.

Antioxidants can be a range of ingredients from vitamins, minerals or essential oils.

A SUPER important vitamin during summer is Vitamin C

It plays a vital role to the skins defense and strength, not to mention the texture and colour! Its what known in the skincare world as a hero ingredient.

Vitamin C is the protector of the cell – when we talk to clients we explain it like an umbrella that sits over the cell and stops free radicals from entering the skin cell and most importantly stops over absorption of pigment granules,  when we see a build up of pigment like a sun spot the skin is lacking Vitamin C. And it’s normally the first thing we recommend along with zinc for sun protection of course!

I like to explain our skin cells like jelly beans really strong smooth protective coating and all juicy on the inside, when the sun depletes our skin’s natural antioxidants and turns our smooth strong coating into a rough thin shrivelled up saltana.

The sun is a free radical creating this damage. When using Vitamin C it re-strengthens the coating and helps keep the cell functioning correctly, resulting in brighter more plump skin.

Do you use any serums or moisturisers that have antioxidants in them? Its so important to keep feeding your skin the right foods – just like we would our bodies.

If you need help with your home routine or not sure if Vitamin C is meant for you, come in an have a chat and we can help access your skin needs.


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