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Pigment Prevenation

Pigment Prevenation

Struggling with Pigmentation especially over summer?

Being a redhead that lives in QLD its my BIGGEST skin concern and I always fret about pigmentation appearing.

Knowing your 2 types of pigment (which I have previously spoken about check out this blog)  is really important is it hormone-based or sun damage?

Either way during summer they can both really come out in force, especially if you have had one to many carefree days in the sun (Guilty!)

So here are my top product recommendations and treatments in reducing or keeping pigment under control in summer.

Zinc Sun Protection:

Its crucial – its a no brainer as its Physically stops the UV from penetrating the skin. I hear all the time oh my moisturiser has SPF 15 in it. I am sorry to say that’s NOT enough when dealing with pigment. SPF 15 will last maybe an hour, it won’t even give you protection by the time you leave the house.

Vitamin B3, A, C:

Reduce, Repair, Protect pretty much sums up these vitamins. These all play a VERY crucial role when it comes to preventing or reducing pigmentation. Having one of these vitamins is going to make a huge difference for you but all 3 together is like a POWERHOUSE effect.

In salon Facial:

Your monthly in-salon facial should be using Vitamin C and enzymes. Vitamin C for the reasons above and enzymes because they help munch up all the damaged cells on the surface. – giving you a brighter complexion.

Avoid Strong Acids:

Glycolic and salicylic can be really effective when treating skin issues and pigmentation – but it’s not my go-to for SUMMER and pigmentation. The reason being is they are great at exfoliating the skin, but when dealing with pigment if you exfoliate to fast you can up creating more trauma pigment as well. It’s just not a risk worth taking – leave it to winter when we can push the skin a little harder for results.

Is if you have pigmentation that is bothering you or you feel summer is really bringing it out, you don’t have to wait till winter to do something about it. Start with a few simple steps and watch how your skin turns around.

Or you can always come in and have a chat and see what we can do to help.


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