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The right eye cream for you.

The right eye cream for you.

The eyes are the window to the soul so it would only makes sense to want to keep them healthy and youthful as possible right?

But when is the right time to start eye cream and what kind?

There are so many different ones on the market that it can be hard and a little confusing to know which one to go for.

We should really be starting our eye cream in our 20’s. From 19 we start the slow decline of losing our collagen and elastin. And surprisingly its our eyes and corner of our nose that shows the first signs of aging.

We dont need a super heavy intense eye cream, we just purely want to maintain our hydration in our 20’s So a light gel weight eye cream that has hyaluronic acid which will keep our acid mantle strong and protect from outside damaging factors. Plus it keeps the skin cells thick and juicy so preventing lines and wrinkles from forming. Winning!

As we progress into our 30’s – 40 that’s when the fine lines really start to appear and the deeper set wrinkles begin to form. We need to up the eye cream game and go to something a little more nourishing and will contain ingredients like essential fatty acids (good oils).

40 and + our skin cell turnover really takes a hit and what was once turning over every 14 days is now lucky to reach turn over after 28 – 32 days, and eye cream with a gentle lactic acid is going to help increase your skin turnover rate which means brighter more active skin.

One of the biggest things I find in spa is when we get to 40 and realise our skin is starting to slow down and all of a sudden we look a lot older than we feel.

Starting young and having a simple home routine will ensure that your skin stays as fit and healthy for as long as possible.

And while it is possible to repair damage from lack of a routine at home its expensive and very time consuming. A little care and planning now, can go along way for the future.

If you are unsure what kind of eyecream you need pop and talk to one of our skin therapists, will are only to happy to help xx


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