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Why your skin needs serums for its optimal health.

Why your skin needs serums for its optimal health.

 Is it just a gimmick or is your skin actually better using serums. Well I am going to be one of those painful people that say it depends!

If we look at what a serum or corrector, (what we call serums as they are correcting skin conditions), should be doing for the skin’s epidermis then yes correctors are extremely important.

But having the wrong corrector for your skin, really is going to be a waste of money and effort applying.

Knowing what is happening with your skin and where its weakness lie is crucial to making sure your using the right serum/corrector.

For example if you are very dehydrated and fine lines are starting to appear you need hyaluronic acid ( a ingredient that can hold 100x its own weight it water! That’s amazing in itself) this will give your skin a super hydration boost helping to push out those fine lines and rehydrate the skin

But a hydrating serum is no good if your struggling with pigmentation as hyaluronic really has no effect of stopping pigment from forming.

If you struggle with your skin and feel it could be looking better than what it is. You may need to add a corrector/serum into your routine.

But chatting to a professional to make sure its the right one for you is extremely important and prevents waste of time and money.

How many is too many?

Can you have too many serums?

Can a girl have too many shoes?


There can be a really big reason why your skin therapist has ended up recommending you 6 serums as they all will target different concerns specific to your skin issues. Sounds pretty full on doesn’t it.

But I can tell you from personal experience as a skin therapist and as a client it really does make a difference. If you are paying money to have in salon treatments and not using the serums at home that are going to feed your skin specific ingredients directly to the area needed you are only going to get half a result.

ONE Serum does NOT do it all……. If ONLY!

There are serums out there that have a few key ingredients, how ever I would be mindful and really asking what the percentages of “active” is, because as great as it would be to have a serum that covers all concerns to be able to have that many “actives” in ONE product would require some serious reduction of percentages to fit. The end results being you either need way MORE of the product to see results or the active percentage is so minimal it doesn’t have any effect.

IF you have been using serums for a while and just not getting the results you want maybe it’s time to reassess what your using. Bring the serums in and let us help you identify if they are what you truly need.



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