Our Mission - Serenity Skin Spa
serenity skin spa

Our Mission

To empower women to feel confident within themselves, for themselves.

By creating a community of women that empower and lift each other up, who don’t need to feel guilty about taking care of themselves, as  self love and care is vital to living their best life.

With the love from our therapists we want to bring out your self confidence through our in-salon services as well as advanced home care ranges, we want to help you in creating the best self care rituals.

This is a our mission our mantra.

For ever and a day I have always gotten a kick out of making people feel amazing. Its almost like a drug for me. The better I make someone feel the more I want to do it.

My first ever day in my beauty apprenticeship – I was folding towels in the spa room listening to enya (still my all time fav to do treatments to) and I KNEW I just knew this was where I was meant to be.

The environment of lifting women up and making them feel incredible – I wanted to be apart of that.

Society is ridiculously fast paced and as women we feel like we have to always keep up often forgetting about ourselves and then soon realising we are exhausted, burnt out and mad at our families.

Learning to take time for yourself is not selfish is it is an ABSOLUTE essential necessity. The fact that we get to be apart of self love for so many women just makes us feel incredibly lucky.

How you create your confidence can be so different from the women next to you. Getting the brows just right and a lash tint that really makes the eyes pop, a simple leg wax or the most advance skin changing facials.

It doesnt matter what you chose its how it makes you feel and our goal is always make you feel 100% beautiful and confident when you walk out our doors. Because you are totally worth it. We all are.

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