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Using Personal Resourcing To Find Happiness And Success

Do You Have Personal Resourcing Tools?

Life is busy. Life can be stressful. Life can sometimes get incredibly overwhelming.  

Understanding and acknowledging when it is all feeling too much is a skill many of us fail at when our days are zipping by so fast, and the demands on us at work and in our personal lives are constantly nipping at our heels.

We simply cannot deliver all we need to if our cup is less than full.

Maintaining our personal wellbeing can be as simple as always reflecting on how we are feeling, ensuring we are getting enough exercise, rest and doing a little something for ourselves, often.

Having a personal wellbeing resource kit is the perfect place to start to ensure you’re looking after yourself.  Adding activities like quiet meditation, walking on the beach, sharing wine with good friends or coming into our spa for a facial maybe all you need to do on regularly to make positive changes in your life.

Personally, when I am feeling less than fantastic, I book in for a spray tan.  I instantly feel better. I feel lighter and more toned and for me that makes me feel that I am able to tackle all the demands of running a business and caring for my family.

To be completely honest with you, Serenity Skin Spa would not have achieved the greatness it has if I hadn’t been able to resource myself with all the good things that make me happy.  

Can you see the connection now?

Resourcing yourself = Success and happiness.

It truly can be as simple as that.

If coming into our spa is definitely something you could be doing more of to ensure you’re resourcing yourself better, then have a look over our services page now.  Make a little list of services you would like to try and give us a call or send us a message for an appointment.  

We love nothing more than to take you into our care and indulge you in moments that is all about you.  Allowing you time to relax, learn more about your skin health and have you leave us feeling relaxed and refreshed.


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