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90% OF Skin Damage Is Caused By The Sun

We go on about this topic so much but it’s so true! If you’re feeling old or feel you have aged faster than you think you should have, I can almost guarantee you it’s because of the lack of sun protection. I can tell when a client has lived their first 20  years of life in England or a colder climate, their skin is like porcelain.

Repairing damage can be hard, time-consuming and cost money.

The number one thing you can do is wear ZINC. Not 50+ supermarket sunscreen. These are full of chemicals and only gives you a short amount of protection time to which you would have to reapply again- and let’s be honest nobody is reapplying after they have put makeup on. 

Sunscreen needs to be applied every day all day, no exception. In fact,  it needs to be next to your toothbrush in the bathroom!

Simply, walking to and from your car you have sun exposure. Hanging clothes on the line, sun exposure.

Did you know everybody has a “burn” time and that is how long you can be in the sun before you start to burn?

If you’re a redhead like me that’s not even 5 minutes! 

You could be outside for maybe 15 minutes or even 20. BUT once that 20 minutes is up, its UP. If you used 5 mins to hang clothes on the line another 10 talking to a friend outside, by the time you go and do an afternoon 30-minute walk you have gone into 25minutes of skin cell burning. Do that every day and you have created almost 3hrs per week of pure burn time. Now imagine you have done that for you a whole lifetime. Scary hey?

Why Zinc?

Because it’s PHYSICAL sun protection that will stay on the skin until you either wash it off or sweat it off.

Sometimes zinc can leave you feeling a little heavy and that’s because it sits on the skin and protects rather than absorbs completely in. The best way to remove your zinc at the end of the day is with your cleanser. Not face wipes or aggressive exfoliation. Zinc will come off quite easily and leave your skin calm and hydrated because it has been protected all day.

If you’re thinking it’s too late to start wearing sunscreen as the damage is already done you’re wrong! The older we get, the HARDER it is to protect against UV which means it takes even less time to start damage.

We recommend O Cosmedics Mineral Pro 30+ for daily use. Pop in and see us to purchase.

By committing to sun protection now you can even start to reverse some of the damage caused.

If sun damage is your number 1 skin concern come and talk to Serenity Skin Spa therapist to see how we can help turn it around. 

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