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I have had chin hairs appear! How do I get rid of them?

Oh ladies! We understand your pain. 

Whether you’re 25 or 55, having chin hairs appear is horrifying and at first, can seem like something that can easily be dealt with at home with a pair of tweezers and a swift pulling action.

The truth of it is, often it isn’t that easy to get rid of these pesky hairs. As we age we are prone to more and more of them popping up and it can also be an indication of an underlying health problem which should be discussed with your medical practitioner.

When we have a client that comes to our spa with this problem, the first thing we ask her to do is hand over all of her tweezers!  That includes the ones she has in her handbag and car! Yes we know that this is how focussed on swift chin hair removal most women are.

Then we discuss potential hair removal methods. We usually offer waxing and IPL Hair Removal. But there is also threading and electrolysis available.


Great if your hair is fine, blonde and grows fairly slowly. Generally speaking, you would come in every 4 – 8 weeks and it will just be a quick 15 min appointment. Extremely cost effective. We prefer to wax over tweeze as sometimes you can break the hairs with tweezing making them become more stronger and resilient to removal.


Is the use of cotton string the hairs get caught up in the string and get pulled out. Great for really fine hair again and lots of little hairs. Incredibly popular with Indians and Asians for the way it takes all their tiny hair and leaving a really smooth finish. Good for clients who are far too sensitive for waxing.

IPL Hair Removal & Laser

By far my favourite treatment and absolutely most effective. BUT the hair does need to be pigmented. It needs to have at least a light brown to dark colour. The point pigment in the hair attracts the light and it then heats the hair up to a point where it can no longer function. Can take up to 14 sessions at 4 weeks apart but it gives you the best results out of all the options.


Use of electro current to help stunt and shock hair growth. Great for white/grey and stubborn ginger hairs. It is very time-consuming as it works one hair at a time. But currently, it’s to the only method for a more longer lasting method than waxing for grey or white.

If you’re noticing 1 hair or even a whole bunch of hairs and don’t want to shave or tweeze every single day – we can help decide what method is best for you. Let us worry about your chin hairs and you can go back to worrying if it’s cocktail or wine kind of weekend. 

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