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That Facial Moment..

I have just started going to mediation, and what I found is that moment right before you fall asleep in a facial or massage is exactly the same as the perfect point of mediation.

It has to be my favourite part of a facial …

that gorgeous delirious land of pure delight.

You’re not asleep and missing the whole thing. (Can I add falling asleep has happened way too many times to remember. Waking up releasing they are applying sunblock is so devastating.)  But you are so content and happy to be exactly where you are meant to be just letting the whole mind and body relax allowing for that peaceful calm state.

This when all the greatness with your skin happens too!

Once you are relaxed stress levels are lowered. Lowered stress levels are good for the skin, heart, gut and mind. Relaxation facials are not just good for the skin they are good for your

whole being.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to have a facial or massage and enjoy that perfect point of relaxation?

My top pick of relaxation facial is The Indulgent Delight a treat for the skin and mind. It begins with a foot soak ritual, the essential oils are enough to get your body into a relax and calm state. Then you are taken into the room for a facial with double cleanse, exfoliation and hot towels. (heaven..) Scalp, face, chest neck, shoulder and foot massage while your skin is treated to a hydating mask. Finished off with pressure points around the eyes and all the good creams and serum your skin loves.

We have had this treatment available for the past 5 years and it remains our most popular for good reason. It really is a must try .

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