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Top 3 facials to recover from summer

Top 3 facials to Recover from Summer

Have you started to notice a change in the weather yet? Don’t get me wrong they are only slight but I can start to feel the nights are a bit colder and the mornings. I am sure you are thanking the heavens for cooler weather, but not me I just love summer and the heat!

What I dont love is the pigmentation, dryness and just over blah that summer brings for my skin.

All the sun, bbq’s and wine take a toll and it’s about now I start to notice pigmentation appearing and more fine lines showing up. ?

Since I am noticing a few things I am guessing you are too.

Here are my top 3 treatments to get your skin rescued from a fabulous summer that may have just left a few too many tell tale signs. ?

DERMAPEN & Follow Up Enzyme Treatment

Has to be the best way to help with anti aging and all those fine lines around the eyes and forehead, not to mention great for pigmentation & scarring. Dermapen makes brand new skin and all the skin cells on the surface need to come off.

 It’s about day 5 or 6 that you really noticed the dry rough feeling.

Book your Enzyme follow up treatment  around day 5, so you can feel super smooth and have your beautiful new skin shine through ✨

Oxygenation & Microdermabrasion

The ultimate is skin pick me up.

 We call this the party facial because it gets your skin looking party ready and just glows leaving your makeup sitting flawlessly.

 If your skin has you feeling blah this is your treatment. Super soft and glowy the minute you walk out of the salon. Yes please! ?

Brightening Facial & 2 take home O Cosmedics Products $199 (Saving $109)

Pigmentation your arch enemy?! ?

Showing up on your skin after even just 5 mins outdoors? This is for you!

 A 30min brightening facial with a huge dose of vitamin C (known to reduce and PREVENT pigmentation)

PLUS you get to take home O Cosmedics Pure C powder and Pure Age Defiance Serum. This combo works to keep the skin super hydrated and even toned.

See ya later Pigment! ?

Is your skin screaming at you going yes yes yes I need this! You can book online or send us a facebook message and we can help you work out which will best suit you.


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