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How Often Should I Exfoliate?

I get this in salon alot –

“Oh my cleanser has granules in it. I feel dry or flaky all the time so I exfoliate every day!”

It does make me cry a little on the inside.
Our skin is magic! Really it is! I love the way our skin talks & communicates with itself making sure everything works in perfect harmony – think about babies or kids their skin. It doesn’t need to be exfoliated especially every day!!

If you are noticing flakiness or roughness on your skin NO you don’t need to scrub. Your skin actually needs OIL a good quality Essential Fatty Acid (Omega 3 & 6)

When our skin is in perfect harmony with itself you will barely exfoliate. The right amount of water and oil and your skin will naturally exfoliate itself. 

See, told you our skin is magic! 

It can be super hard to get this combination of water and oil perfect all the time all year around. SO many things in our environment can really play havoc on keeping the balance right.

So here are my top tips for exfoliating and how often:

  1. If you are feeling really rough try a good oil first. Jadea Skin Barrier Repair or  O Cosmedics Activating Youth Balm are our top sellers for this very reason. The right amount of EFA’s. The roughness will be gone in a matter of days. If that!
  2. One or twice a week max if you like to exfoliate using a super fine granule. Exfoliating Cleanser from O is great for this and smells amazing! When the granule is too rough it cause micro tears in the skin and then your skin goes into stress mode, creating redness and sometimes even more breakouts.
  3. Use a Fruit enzyme where possible. Fruit Enzymes are my favourite. Our body naturally creates enzymes to help break down the skin cells. This is like giving it a helping hand via fruit. Your skin recognises the enzymes as part of the exfoliation process and therefore creates no inflammation or undue stress. (winner!!) 3 in 1 Fruit Peel by O is my go to. And sometimes I will mix it with exfoliating Cleanser for a little kick once a fortnight!
  4. Don’t exfoliate! Yep I said it don’t – use great quality skin care and come see your skin therapist once a month and skin will look after your and your skin. Once less thing to have to worry about at home. I call that HUGE WIN.

If you have any questions or not sure if your using the right scrub/ exfoliant for your skin come and have at chat to one of our skin therapists. We would love to help you.

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