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No Make and my skin still looks like C#*P!

Isolation getting you like what day is it?

I thought it was Tuesday, my daughter thought it was Friday and it is actually Sunday! The days are starting to blur and trying to keep any routine is almost impossible.

So it’s no wonder when you look in the mirror and go why does my skin still not look any good – I have not put makeup on days – weeks even!

Even though you have stuck to your skincare routine it might be breaking out more – showing redness or just feeling super dry.

There are a few reasons why your skin may be doing crazy things right now.

Stress and Anxiety.

With everything that is going on right now – most people are feeling a little anxious or stressed and this can show up in our skin. Bigger than normal break out with lots of redness or inflammation around it. Or you can go really dry and flaky with red patches. Sometimes this is shown around the mouth also known as perioral dermatitis or around the eyes.

Your routine has changed.

A change in routine kinda goes hand in hand with stress, when you are not sure what’s happening you can bet your body and skin don’t know what’s going on either. This can make your skin be a little more heightened in reactive modes – like its “waiting for something to happen” which means as soon as it has a little break out your skin goes all crazy gangbusters and blows it way out of proportion.

What can you do?

First of all, you need to work out why your skin is playing up –  don’t forget we have our online skin consultations done via zoom a great way to talk to a passionate skin therapist to understand what is happening to your skin.

The next thing is to reduce what you’re using – if your skin is red, stressed and flaking. A good oil with omega 3 & 6’s to help repair the acid mantle and calm the skin’s barrier back down. Our top goes to’s are:

O cosmedics: Comfort Cream, Activating Youth Oil and Skin Barrier Repair by Jadea Natural Skincare. All these contain the right oils to help rebuild your skin’s natural barrier and start to stop the skin’s anxiety.

And then I would try really hard – and believe me I know how hard it is! To allow some time out for yourself.

Go have a bath, the weather has certainly turned cold enough for it.

Put some salts in, light a candle, pour a glass of wine and just relax – no social media, no mindless scrolling just chill out, like you would if you were in getting a facial. I guarantee you will feel amazing and your skin will show the benefits of some self-love. Xx

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