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Why is my skin so red all the time?

Does your skin flush red – or red on the cheeks and nose constantly? Stings when you try something new? And you definitely can’t have sunscreen on as it burns?

There is a high chance you could have a form rosacea or dermatitis.

Both of these conditions actually start in the GUT.

Inflammation within the body has to come out some how and normally it is through inflammation and heat of the skin.

So what can you do about it?

Understanding this is NOT a quick fix and needs a bit of time to work why it is happening and what triggers are causing your flare up is so important.

When you come in to the salon the first thing we do is ask you to keep a food and stress diary. These 2 factors play a huge part in how your skin will behave.

Generally you will find a pattern pretty quick, anything that can bring inflammation into the body. We know most of them including anything processed like:

  • deli meats
  • white bread
  • pasta
  • ready made meals.
  • Soft Drink
  • Alcohol

Combine these with stress factors especially what is happening right now with covid 19 and it can be a recipe for very upset red skin.

First you want to be able to reduce the GUTS inflammation and then we can work on using the right skincare to help with controlling the symptoms. Curcumin has been known to have huge healing properties, including calming and repairing the gut lining. Essential Fatty Acids like omega 3 and 6 are also hugely important as this produces healthily bacteria in the gut which reduces inflammation.

Rosacea can be tricky to get under control with products and understanding how severe your symptoms are before working out what products will be best for you.

But its important NOT to using anything that is stripping of the skin, so avoiding harsh exfoliants or scrubs, strong gel foaming cleansers and I would avoid using glycolic and salicylic acid. Instead you need to nourish the skin by using ingredients like rose hip oil, triglycerides and jojoba oil. These ingredients have the same genetic function as our skins natural barrier. So while we are repairing internally we can use these ingredients topically to help calm and restore a upset barrier.

Our top go to skincare products are:

To really combat your results the go to treatment is LED and lymphatic mask treatment. LED helps to stimulate  a healthily functioning cells that retains and hold oils to keep a strong barrier. РStrong barrier means no inflammation or redness.

Lymphatic Mask (our glow facial) awakens the lymphatic system – the reason this is so good for rosacea clients is because it helps move out the old toxins in the skin and replace it with healthy nutrients from a repaired gut .

If your skin is playing up a little more than normal due to what we currently experiencing in our world today, talk to one of our train skin therapists and see how we can help – all it takes is the first step and you can be feeling amazing in your skin again. x

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