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Glow Facial

Why everyone MUST experience the GLOW facial

This treatment is seriously becoming a fast favourite just like LED. And here is WHY you absolutely must try one or 3.

We call it a GLOW Facial because of how it makes your skin look after and not just straight after but for days and days after!. 

For someone who is pretty good with their skincare routine and insalon treatments I thought I was pretty on the mark with my skin.

Until I tried this!

Glow facial is the use of a lymphatic mask (kind smells like pancakes if you have a egg allergy this treatment is not for you)

Our skins lymphatic system, think of it as like the local council bin collectors. It takes away all the waste from our skin.

Before and straight after

 BUT it also helps bring the goodness of nutrients and vitamins that are needed to make our skin strong, healthy and function to the best of its ability.

Over time these systems can become overworked and slow down (bit like council workers )

Which results in lack of cells getting the important nutrients or vitamins but also can create blockages when the skin is trying to clean out waste.  Queue  inflamed breakouts under jawline or near ears.

This make our skin appear dull and lifeless. With nutrients not getting where they need to be and waste not getting emptied correctly so many things can start to go wrong including:

Break outs – especially near jawline and ears 



Flaky inflamed skin

Sallowness (dull skin)

It is applied to the face neck and chest constrict the skin. It makes the skin feel incredibly tight and encourages your body to re active and re energize the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Straight after the treatment you may have red lines from where the mask is and that is your skins systems working properly.

 Its like unlocking your skin’s true potential!!

For days after, your skin’s systems will be working and deliver nutrients exactly where they need to go and be clearing waste without any blockages. 

If your skin is experiencing heavy breakouts or continual relapse of dermatitis, I would highly recommend a series of these to get the systems completely clean and working in perfect harmony again.

I HUGELY recommend this is you have a major event coming up and you want your skin to just shine through your make up. Its a facial that you wish you knew about years ago!

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