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Why is my hair growing back after my IPL Sessions?

It doesnt make sense?! Why is my hair growing back after my IPL Sessions?

This can be tricky and frustrating all at the same time. You do IPL because you are sick of the hair and thought of hair free is too good to refuse.

But here you are. Why?

There a few good reasons why Hair grows back after IPL

Have you done top up treatments?

Its really important that after your series is finished that you come back anywhere from 8 – 12 weeks to get a top up session. This helps with the hairs that are still growing from the initial sessions.

Eventually you should get to every 6 or 12 months for ONE top up session but that can take 4 or 5 top up sessions of 8 to 12weeks apart.

Hormonal / stress change.

Getting pregnant, a change of life or huge stress can have a significant impact on hair growth and create growth that was previously fair, soft or downy. It can turn the hair into a terminal hair – which means thicker, darker and stronger. 

Inconsistency in appointments

It is so important to make sure that when you initially start IPL that you have your treatments no longer than 4 weeks apart for at least 10 sessions. The reason being is every time  you come in for a session 25% of your hair is reduced and what has NOT BEEN reduced is shocked, so it grows back much slower and finer. BUT it will GROW BACK if treatments are spaced out too far or not enough  sessions done.

Ideally your IPL Hair Removal Journey should go along the lines of this,

  • 10 up to 14 sessions every 4 weeks 
  • 3 or 4 sessions at 8 weeks apart (2 months)
  • 1 to 2 sessions 12 weeks apart (3months)
  • Then every 6 months.

Hair Removal of any kind is not permanent and there is maintenance needed to ensure your hair stays fine soft and slow growing. But compared to waxing and shaving it still is THE BEST hair removal method. With technology advancing and machines becoming more accessible it is also becoming cheaper than waxing.

If you are feeling deflated that your hair has come back, maybe you just need a few top up sessions to slow the growth down again. If you have any questions you can email info@serenityskinspa.com.au or can book online.


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