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spring skin

Spring Skin – Does your home routine need to change?

I just love this time of year – well honestly I love summer the most but really its only around the corner. 

Now is the time to look at your skincare routine at home and see if it needs a little adjusting for the warmer months.

Typically winter your needs needs lot of nourishment from ingredients  like Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) and a more cream style cleanser. 

Winter there is less moisture is the air so we tend to feel drier in general. Adding these oils will help seal and lock in not only the moisturiser we put on but our own bodies natural hydration levels.

When we lead into spring/summer there tends to be a little more warmth in the air and humidity starts to creep up. 

Meaning we dont lose our water content in our skin as quick. And the extra nourishment we have been giving our skin in winter may start to feel a little heavy or not absorb as quickly as it normally does.

If you tend to be a little on the drier side I would suggest using your oil based serum our moisturiser to just night time now, so you are still getting the lipids your skin needs but not too heavy in the day.

A moisturiser that contains hyaluronic acid is a great lighter moisturise that will keep the skin super hydrated and quickly absorb into the skin so you are not feeling like its sitting on the surface or worse sweating it out.

What should I use during Spring?


I love the convenience of hydrating mists and how they make my skin feel as a huge pick me up, especially if I am outside for the day.

 The Jadea Hydrate Mist smells amazing and I have in my bag for when I am in and out of the car,or beach days with the family.

Or the New O Cosmedics Micro Biome setting spray. Smells like vanilla pina coladas! This helps keep your skin microbiome ( your skin’s own bacteria sounds scary but its actually really crucial for healthy skin) 

These can be applied over make up to just give you that refreshing boost during they day. I always see the team having a quick spritz in between treatments.

Micellar waters

This is my go to either morning instead of my full cleanser routine or straight after any kind of exercise. It just balances out my skin, adds the key ingredient hyaluronic acid (hydrated plump skin) and stops that heavy sweaty feeling that the morning can sometimes bring during the warmer months.

Skinstitut Micellar feels super gentle and doesn’t have any dry feeling for night time and I love O cosmedics Micellar treatment Gel for straight after exercise as it has a anti pollutant and protects the skin from any dirt or grime.


I must admit I don’t exfoliate alot during winter as my skin doesn’t really need it. But in spring/summer, the extra layers of sunblock, sweat and oil – sometimes you need more than just your night time cleanse. 

My top go to is:

Multi Functional Peel by O Cosmedics it contains not only enzymes but lactic acid which helps shift redundant cells and clean out the pores.

Its not about completing changing what you are using but just making subtle shifts for the different seasons. If you are unsure or feel like what you have is not currently working come and have a chat and see what we can do for your skin.

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