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What Cleanser is Right for You?

I think the most common thing we see as Skin Therapists is our clients coming to us using the wrong cleanser for them. Which in turn creates a bit of havoc on the skin and can make it congested, red, inflamed and super dry  and oily all at the same time!

Choosing the right cleanser sets your skin up to really allow for absorption of serums and moisturisers, depending on your skin type your cleanser will require different ingredients to correctly clean the skin while keeping your barrier intact.


These are a gel like consistency and they don’t foam up when you add water but more like bubble. They are way more gentler than foaming and will help to lift and remove dirt and grim from the day. Using this with a soft wash cloth or sonic brush will really help to unclogged blackheads and remove make up residue. This type of cleanser wont strip your natural water/oil levels so you still  have a soft feeling after use. These are great for SUMMER as we always have so much extra sun protection on it really helps break down the SPF.

Great for congested clients, teenagers, some sensitive clients  can tolerate this.


Not a huge fan of foaming as they normally consist of an ingredient called sodium laurel sulphate and that is what makes the cleanser foam, it is incredibly harsh on the skin and is what starts most if not all of the problems we see come into spa. Please go check your cleanser and see what your ingredients contain.


These are great for dehydrated, dry skin types. Normally consisting of really nourishing and hydrating ingredients like shea butter, rose hip oil and hyaluronic acid. These cleanser feels very soft on the skin and are incredibly gentle. I find that you need a cleansing cloth to help remove milk/cream cleanser.

I love this for winter and really mature skin types. Also anyone who has sensitivity like eczema, dermatitis. 

Latic or Glycolic

This style of cleanser has acids and is great for exfoliating and stimulating the skin at the same time as cleaning. It’s not an everyday cleanser as you don’t want to be exfoliating every day. This is perfect for sundamage, mature skin types that need extra boost of stimulation to wake up the skin. Great for congested acne prone skins to help remove and unclog trapped blackheads.

**Thinner sensitive skins I would probably give this one a miss.


Enzymes generally consist of fruit acids like papaya, mango or pumpkin. They are much gentler on the skin than lactic or Glycolic and will still help exfoliate and stimulate new skin cells. Again I wouldn’t use this everyday but if you are more sensitive or thinner skins this would be a great weekly use. For congested, trapped skin every 2nd day could tolerate this style of cleanser.


The heavy duty acid. This style of acid is oil loving which means it will absorb any excess oil in the skin. These cleansers are great for true oily skins. It is heavy duty so if you have any sensitivity this is not for you. It can cause flakiness, itchiness and dryness if over used.


A fairly new addition to the cleansing family oil based cleansers can start off as a balm or straight oil. They contain coconut oil, jojoba or almond oil. I love these as a PRE CLEANSE to remove any makeup. Oil sticks to oil, so these styles of cleansers make your makeup just slide right off. The best part is there is nothing stripping so you don’t have that tight dry feeling after. I normally like to use a cleansing cloth to help remove the oil and make up and its definitely not a shower style cleanser.  IF you struggle with BLACKHEADS and break out and wear makeup I really encourage you to try this as your make up remover and then your normally cleanser after.


Another fairly new introduction into the cleansing world, this is great for helping to remove makeup, dirt and grime from the day before using your cleanser in the shower. Make sure your micellar does not contain an ingredient called polyaminopropyl biguanide. Also known as polyhexamethylene biguanide, or PHMB. Found in alot of the supermarket brands. This ingredient is great for helping remove the make up but can leave a film on your skin that cause’s the skin not to breath which creates blocked pores, congestion and inflammation – which we see alot coming into the salon. A good quality micellar certainly has a place in your skin cleansing routine amazing for the sports person on the go and to do a quick wash off if your on the run.

Make Up Wipes

While there are a few brands out there that DONT contain alcohol, these are certainly not our go to for removing make up, they can be incredibly harsh on the skin and cause inflammation almost immediately. Making it really hard to apply serums or creams on without your skin stinging or burning as a result.

Replace your wipes with a oil and cleansing cloth – trust me the greatest investment into your routine by far.

If you are still bit unsure which is the right cleanser for you or your just feeling like your getting the most out of your cleansing routine, come and have a chat and see what we can do to help.

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