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ABC’s of Skincare

The ABC’s of Vitamins in Skincare

There are 3 main ingredients that should be in your homecare routine when you are wanting to maintain healthy vibrant skin!

A  is for Vitamin A 

plays such a huge role in maintain the function of the skin. I like to think of it like a conductor to the orchestra. It tells everyone their position and what they need to do.

Free Radicals (sun especially)  breakdown our Vitamin A levels and we need to give it an extra boost. Especially if you are experiencing acne or premature aging. But it is VITAL for almost every skin concern, from pigmentation to rosacea.  From the age of 25 you should be using some form of vitamin A in your home routine.

Vitamin A is night time as it helps to repair and rebuild.

B is for Vitamin B

 Fairly new to discovery in skincare, but man it is a goodie. This aids in healing, inflammation and helping to maintain a strong heathy acid mantle. Plus its great at reducing pigmentation. If you suffer from trapped congestion, pigmentation or redness that wont go away. You really need to make sure this is in your homecare line up!

C – Vitamin C

A natural Antioxidant that helps fight free radicals during the day. Hugely important ingredient to fight against pigmentation and help the skin cell fight against uv damage.

The saying normally goes. Vitamin C in the day to protect and strengthen and vitamin A at night to repair and rebuild.

Giving your skin an extra boost of vitamins through your home routine will help you maintain healthy, glowing skin. And really isn’t that what its all about. Just feeling good in your own skin.


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