Blissful Escape - Skin & Beauty Spa

Blissful Escape $99

Serenity Specials

Blissful Escape is designed to make you feel amazing – like a brand new person.

Everyone gets tired and run down, especially after the silly season with all the parties, events, wrapping presents and shopping – there is just no downtime for yourself so it’s no wonder you feel fired and stressed out!

Blissful escape is your chance to wind down and relax.

Let us look after you and you can just drift into a state of pure relaxation while you are treated to:

  • Signature Facial
  • Foot Soak and Scrub
  • Scalp and Foot Massage
  • 24k Gold Eye Treatment

It’s heaven for only $99!

This special pairs well with…

LED Light Therapy

$40 (20 mins)



Back, Shoulder & Arm Massage

$50 (30 mins)

Cooling Hydration Mask



Zippay and Afterpay available instore