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abc skincare

ABC’s of Skincare

September 25, 2021September 25, 2021

The ABC’s of Vitamins in Skincare There are 3 main ingredients that should be in your homecare routine when you are wanting to maintain healthy vibrant skin! A  is for Vitamin A  plays such a huge role in maintain the function of the skin. I like to think of it like a conductor to the...

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spring skin

Hydrated or Nourished? Which one do you need?

April 29, 2021April 29, 2021

With summer well and truly over and we start to really steam into winter months, I thought it would be a good time to maybe explain are you dehydrated or are you lacking nourishment? They are not the same thing! You might be surprised to learn that if you don’t have enough of one, you...

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enzyme vs acids

Acids Vs Enzymes

October 21, 2020October 21, 2020

Do you hear the words Fruit Enzymes or Glycolic Acid and get a bit confused? Wonder if they are the same thing or do they do the same. Is one better than the other and which one should I be using for exfoliating my skin? It all gets really complicated and technical, the world of...

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exfoliate the skin

How Often Should I Exfoliate?

March 6, 2020March 14, 2020

I get this in salon alot – “Oh my cleanser has granules in it. I feel dry or flaky all the time so I exfoliate every day!” It does make me cry a little on the inside.Our skin is magic! Really it is! I love the way our skin talks & communicates with itself making sure...

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relaxation facial

That Facial Moment..

February 3, 2020February 3, 2020

That gorgeous delirious land of pure delight - right before you fall asleep in a facial or massage...

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I have had chin hairs appear! How do I get rid of them?

September 6, 2019October 20, 2019

Oh ladies! We understand your pain.  Whether you’re 25 or 55, having chin hairs appear is horrifying and at first, can seem like something that can easily be dealt with at home with a pair of tweezers and a swift pulling action. The truth of it is, often it isn’t that easy to get rid...

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