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LED Light Therapy

The secret key to healthy, glowing & radiant skin.

 A non-invasive light treatment.  LED is like a charger for your skin cells. When your cells are charged they are more willing to accept vitamins and minerals that come their way. Whether that be via the body’s internal system or you topically applying serums and moisturisers.

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This treatment is great as a add on to ANY facial treatment. 

As it ALWAYS enhances the effect of masks, serums and hydrators.It works best for the sensitive skin types, like rosacea, eczema, dermatitis. But still producing amazing results for acne – especially teenage acne.And of course Anti Aging – anything that stimulates collagen and elastin  production is going to be brilliant to anti age the skin.If you really want to combat skin concerns it best to purchase a course of 6 and ideally we see you every 3 days for 2 weeks. Think of it like getting your skin cells from 0% not noticing any vitamins or minerals that float by them to 100% charge that looks and actively seeks out minerals and vitamins resulting is in happy healthy skin. 

This Service Works Well With


A fruit acid that helps to shift redundant skin cells from the surface allowing for the treatment to reach deep skin cells creating a more longer last change. Think of it like a really good exfoliation so that no “dead skin” is trying to take up any of the treatment.  $25 when added to the treatment.


LED Light Therapy goes great with any in salon treatment. It is always the go to. WHY? Because LED makes the cells wake up and pay attention to what is happening. Therefore any treatment the skin is going to ready and actively absorb the product and create amazing change. Its is a must have for any serious skin lovers. $40 when added to this treatment.


Works by physically removing redundant skin cells, allowing for the treatment to penetrate further into the skin where it is needed most. $30 when added to this treatment.

What Our Clients Say

LED has been amazing for my skin I had so much redness around my nose and cheeks and its almost completely gone. I love this~ Shannon

I have struggled with my skin and acne for so long and tried different medications and treatments recommended by my GP with not much luck and they were so painful!  Cassie’s amazing knowledge has sorted all my problems out in a relaxing and nil pain way. After a few different facials and treatments, my skin and face look amazing. It doesn’t even look like my face anymore and I am so grateful.~ Loren

I had the most amazing first experience with Kylie today. She was warm, friendly and professional.  She also happily listened to all of my concerns. I left my treatment relaxed (which is no easy feat with me!) and with a plan to tackle some rather complex skin issues. I absolutely recommend Serenity.~ Daphne

I have been a client of Serenity for about 7 years now and every time I visit for my appointments, the ladies have always gone above and beyond to meet the needs of my challenging skin issues. My skin has improved 110%.  ~ Tamara

I received a beautiful facial today from Kylie, she is so lovely and made me feel so relaxed. I highly recommend the infusion with the microdermabrasion it left my skin feeling clean, hydrated and glowing. Sue-Ellen

Had an enzyme treatment facial with Kylie. So relaxing, great atmosphere and my skin feels amazing.Donna Maree

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